DS6 Night Time Plantar Fasciitis Treatment - Single Sleeve


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The DS6® Night Time PF Treatment Sleeve with K-Zone® Technology simulates therapeutic taping to relieve the painful symptoms of moderate to severe Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain, foot swelling, and other arch and heel conditions. Designed for use as resting or low activity therapy only. DS6® is your first stage treatment. After becoming active again, we recommend the use of FS6® Performance Foot Sleeves for active therapy.

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The Best Device to offer Immediate Relief for Moderate to Severe Foot Pain from Plantar Fasciitis

Our Patented DS6® Night Time PF Treatment Sleeve provides medical grade orthopedic support and pain relief. Compression Zone Technology® combined with K-Zone® Technology work like therapeutic taping to ease heel and arch pain, treat and relieve the more severe cases of Plantar Fasciitis and other foot conditions. Designed for use as low-activity, resting therapy for moderate to severe conditions.

Defend Your Foot's Health

DS6® reduces pain of moderate to severe Plantar Fasciitis almost immediately. Treat your early-onset of Plantar Fasciitis with DS6® and then use your FS6® Performance Foot Sleeves when you are ready to get active again. Available in white only as a single sleeve to treat the injured foot!

The OS1st® DS6® Night Time PF Treatment Sleeve is comfortable and shaped to fit your unique body. This anatomical design delivers six different zones of compression and ease of use while resting or sleeping. Easy to wear, you can wear the DS6® as you rest at home or with minimal activity. Not intended for running or use during activity. Don't let bulky and uncomfortable night splints or splint socks keep you from your rehab and return to action.